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What We Do


House Wash

A Basic House Wash includes removal of all algae and organic growth including gutter whitening. This service lasts on average 3 years! When hiring Premier PowerWash & Roof Cleaning clients know exactly what to expect - Professionalism, Efficiency and Exceptional service!

Wood Restoration

We offer everything from a basic wash to a full strip to remove all old, failed or existing stain. We also provide media blasting services to log homes following up with staining services to maximize the longevity of your investment. We offer these services for all exterior hard & soft woods, including Fences, Decks, Outdoor Structures, Log Homes, Chinking & more. 


Concrete Cleaning

We offer a full range of flat work cleaning services. We can safely clean Concrete & Brick Paver walkways or patios, our pre & post treatments ensure your driveway stays clean for yers NOT months. 

Roof Wash

Our ARMA approved system allows us to safely remove all organic staining without worry or risk to damaging your roof. Ask about our Roof cleaning warranty!


Gas Station Cleaning

We specialize in speciality stain removal. We’re constantly cleaning gas stations, bank drive thru’s and your favorite restaurants. Oil & Grease melt away with our steam cleaning system. 

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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